Scientific Publications

Title Authors Year
Past, present and future of Benzoxazolin-2(3H) - phytotoxic studies Sanchez-Moreiras, A. M, Martinez-Penalver, A, Hussain, M. I, Reigosa, M. J 2014
Higher peroxidase activity, leaf nutrient contents and carbon isotope composition changes in Arabidopsis thaliana are related to rutin stress Hussain, M. I, Souza, P, Reigosa, M. J. 2014
Biotechnology for drought and salinity tolerance of crops Brini, F, Masmoudi, K 2014
Agricultural and Food System - Global Change Nexus: Dynamics and Policy Implications Behnassi M, Shahid S. A, Gopichandran, R. 2014
Managing degraded lands for realizing sustainable agriculture through environmental friendly technologies Baig, M. B, Shahid, S. A 2014
Spatial distribution of soil salinity and its management options in the Northern Emirates, UAE. Chapter 2 In: M. A. Khan et al Abdelfattah, M. A and Shahid, S. A 2014
A large-scale analysis of abiotic factors affecting the infestation level of tobacco (Nicotiana tabbacum L.) by Phelipanche species Lyra, D, Kalivas, D, Economou, G 2014
Genotypic variation in growth and biomass yield among a collection of forty Buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris L.) accessions under various salinity levels. Al-Dakheel, A.J, Hussain, M. I, Al-Gailani, A. Q. M 2014
Characterization of xanthophyll pigments, photosystem II photochemistry, heat energy dissipation, reactive oxygen species generation and carbon isotope discrimination during artemisinin-induced stress in Arabidopsis thaliana Hussain, M. I, Reigosa, M. J. 2014
Effect of NaCl and iso-osmotic PEG stress on CO2/H2O exchange in shoots of the С4 xero-halophyte Haloxylon aphyllum (Chenopodiaceae) Rakhmankulova, Z. F,Voronin, P. Yu, Shuyskaya, E., Kuznetsova, N. A, Zhukovskaya, N. V, Toderich, K. N 2014