Scientific Publications

Title Authors Year
Modeling halophytic plants for sustainable agriculture and water resources Saito, L, Deruyter, T, Nowak, R, Rosen, M, Rossi, C, Toderich, K 2014
Sorghum and pearl millet for crop diversification and improving livestock feeding system in Central Asia Popova, V., Bobokulov, N, Toderich, K, Ismail, S, Rafiev, B 2014
Ion transporters play a key role in durum wheat salt stress tolerance K. Masmoudi, K. Feki, J.M. Pardo, S. Gouiaa, H. Khoudi, S. Ben Amar, H. Sentenac, A.A. Very 2014
On-farm demonstration of Integrated Aqua - Agriculture systems in arid and semi-arid areas Lyra, D, Ismail, S, Butt, K, Al'raj, B 2014
Water demand and climate adaptation measures in downstream of the Zeravshan river Khujanazarov, T, Tanaka, K, Yoshiya, K, Toderich, K 2014
Water stress, energy security and adaptation under changing climate: a case study of the Zeravshan river Khujanazarov, T, Namura, R, Tanaka, K, Toderich, K, Yoshiya, K, Tanaka, S 2014
Evaluation of herbicide potential of sesquiterpene lactone and flavonoid: impact on germination, seedling growth indices and root length in arabidopsis thaliana Hussain, M. I, Reigosa, M. J. 2014
Use of biofertilizer and biochar for enhancing compost quality: A trial on sandy soils of UAE Gill, S, Al-Shankiti, A 2014
Salt-tolerant plants for soil salinity control, sustainable fodder and bioenergy production in Central Kyzylkum Akinshina, N, Toderich, K, Vereshagina, N, Nishonov, B 2014
United Arab Emirates keys to soil taxonomy Shahid, S. A, Abdelfattah, M. A. , Wilson, M. A, Kelley, J. A, Chiaretti, J. V 2014