Scientific Publications

Title Authors Year
Biosaline agriculture as an approach for combating desertification Abdullah Dakheel, Rao Nanduri, Richard Soppe 2015
Riming of Prosopis cineraria (L.) Druce and Acacia tortilis (Forssk) Seeds with Fulvic Acid Extracted from Compost to Improve Germination and Seedling Vigor S. Gill, A. Al-Shankiti 2015
Recycling green waste to compost for urban landscapes Shagufta Gill, Abdullah Al-shankiti 2015
Salt and drought stresses in safflower: a review M. Iftikhar Hussain, Dionyssia-Angeliki Lyra, Muhammad Farooq, Nikolaos Nikoloudakis, Nauman Khalid 2015
Chlorophyll pigments, photosynthetic performance and reactive oxygen species generation during artemisinin-induced stress in Arabidopsis thaliana Hussain, M. I, Reigosa, M. J 2015
Energetic, hydraulic, and economic efficiency of axial flow and centrifugal pumps for surface water irrigation in Bangladesh Krupnik, T. J., Santos Valle, S, Islam, M. I, Hossain, M. A, Gathala, M. K, Qureshi, A. S 2015
Neglected and underutilized species for food and income security in marginal environments N.K. Rao, M. Shahid, A. Al Shankiti, I. Elouafi 2014
Selective study collection of sorghum adaptability and quality in different regions of Kazakhstan Zhapayev, R, Toderich, K, Ismail, S, Al-Dakheel, A, Abugalieva, A, Srinivasa, R, Tautenov, I 2014
Sweet Sorghum in the North Kazakhstan Zhapayev, R, Iskandarova, K, Toderich, K, Andybayev, D, Al-Dakheel, A, Ismail, S, Srinivasa, R, Paramonova, I, Nekrasova, N, Balpanov, D, Ten, O, Karabayev, M 2014
Gene expression analysis of barley genotypes contrasting for their tolerance to salinity stress Rajeswari Somasundaram, Neeru Sood, Khaled Masmoudi, Henda Mahmoudi 2014