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UAE Water Think Tank

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

ICBA scientists, Dr Rachael McDonnell and Dr Shoaib Ismail, were invited by the Prime Minister’s Office, UAE Ministry of Cabinet Affairs, to join other leading scientists and researchers in the UAE Water Think Tank held on 24 October 2012.

Recognizing the substantial stress on the UAE’s natural resources, particularly water resources, caused by the rapid increase in the population growth over the last few decades, the Prime Minister’s Office conceived of the Think Tank as the best way to elicit informed discussion about the water challenges and opportunities in the UAE. 

After an introduction to the lateral thinking process devised by Dr Edward De Bono, the participants were invited to think creatively in their discussions about topics including sustainable agriculture and groundwater use, healthy and cost affective desalination, how to harness and recycle wastewater, sectoral water use and the impact on cost of the supply/demand equation. The Think Tank outcomes will be used to better inform national policies and strategies.