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D4GEO - Drones for Geomatics: International Conference and Capacity-Building Workshops

D4GEO - Drones for Geomatics: International Conference and Capacity-Building Workshops
Practical workshops at: International Center for Biosaline Agriculture, Dubai, UAE Conference at: TBD, Dubai, UAE
Apr 8 2018 - Apr 12 2018

D4GEO offers 10 plenary sessions and 60 workshops over five days. It is a one-stop conference covering a wide range of topics by responding to needs of a diversified audience. The design of D4GEO makes it easy for each participant to pick up the right information, knowledge and skills according to their progress in this new fast-developing field. From novices to experts, everyone will find genuine knowledge to significantly boost their journey in the field of Drones for Geomatics. The conference is a perfect platform for emergence of innovative ideas, partnerships, business opportunities and a unique opportunity to shape a coherent and robust community for the Drones for Geomatics worldwide and specifically in the Gulf region. Jointly organized by academia and industry, D4GEO ensures the right balance between technology and science and everything in between to understand and master the solutions it offers. The unique signature of this conference is the hands-on practical software workshops and drone flights in the field, not only as demonstration, but to collect real geomatics data and work on it. Finally, D4GEO is the right place to start building, consolidating, excelling drone skills, while building a robust network.

  • Arabian Gulf University
  • Falcon Eye Drones
  • Barcelona Drone Center
  • International Center for Biosaline Agriculture